At the heart of Dark Chemistry series is the very survival of humankind.

Long ago, Earth was filled with wars between more advanced species and wars we fought among ourselves and against them. Our ancestors called the superior race “the fallen angels,” who insisted they were the first Earth natives.

As humankind increased in numbers and became a new kind of predator, our conflict with the angels could no longer be settled. Human spirits could not accept the role of “inferior race.” Our ancestors chose to die free than live on their knees, and so they devised a weapon and drove the angels into the space. The cost was deadly–numerous brave men and women perished, and by turning back time, destroyed all technology and every advanced civilization.

Now millions of years have passed. Humans stand hesitantly at the threshold of a quantum evolution, but the race we exiled has found a way to wage a new war against us. They’ve upgraded their magical powers and technology beyond our perception. They’re coming to take back Earth. Unfortunately, the weapon our ancestors deployed has been lost to us. We don’t know anything about ancient warfare or our secret history. We don’t have the slightest idea that we’re facing extinction.

Our only hope rests with Lucienne Lam, the last and most powerful of the Sirens, who leads her Sphinxes nation in the fight against the returning angels. She will stand with the last of us to save our planet.

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The Siren (Dark Chemistry, #1)

Siren1CoverW375H538The vivid descriptions, emotional entanglements and action-packed sequences will have readers up long after bedtime just to see what happens next . . . this book is one exciting ride!” – Readers’ Favorite

Two men tied to her irrevocably. One offers life disguised as death; the other leads to death with unfathomable love. Her choice decides whether the world turns or ends.

Lucienne Lam, born to rule as the last of the Sirens, is running out of time. If she fails to find the TimeDust, an ancient power, her enemies will have their wish–her head on a spike. And she’ll never know the love promised by Vladimir, a fierce warrior of the Czech royal bloodline.

Except Ashburn, a genius ‘farm boy,’ has found the TimeDust first, and its power binds Lucienne to him. She must convince him to sever this forced bond so she can return to her first love. But breaking the link seems insurmountable when the TimeDust launches its own ominous agenda and the two men prepare to duel to the death over her.

The Prince (Dark Chemistry, #2)

Theprince“Meg has an incredible talent for picking up a story line that is spread over three books in this series Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry – something that other authors find daunting … So, that is where this young Southern Californian shines – her characters are palpably real (even for fantasy), she knows how to draw the lines of interaction extremely well, and she leaves the reader waiting for more.” Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICE

The Sealers have activated Nexus Tear. Lucienne Lam, born to rule as the last of the Sirens, must destroy the ancient weapon before it terminates her.

But Prince Vladimir, her first love and once strongest ally, has joined forces with her enemies over the one kiss she shared with Ashburn Fury–the kiss that is denied to him by the Siren curse.

The Red Queen (Dark Chemistry, #3)

Custom Book Cover Meg 3 Official Ebook“This series just continues to get better and better. Every time I thought I knew what was going to come next, Meg Xuemei X threw in some kind of curve ball that made it impossible for me to stop reading. – Read All Nights Sleep All Day

Some love dies.
Some never does.

After Forbidden Glory brings Lucienne back from death’s door, she wanders between sanity and insanity. And instead of killing each other, Ashburn and Prince Vladimir must put their differences aside to save her. But one of them has to make a sacrifice.

As the nation of Sphinxes is born, the Sealers rise again. When their multinational army arrives at Sphinxes’ door with an ancient weapon that instantly sets Sphinxes ablaze, Lucienne summons Forbidden Glory one last time to protect her people from extinction.


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