The Girl Next Door


The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

Xirena’s life has never been an easy one. Deemed a thief, a brute, and a slut by one’s own family and schoolmates might take its toll on your average fifteen-year-old, but Xirena makes no apologies. Then she meets seventeen-year-old Kai, smoking hot and hell-bent on seducing her. But Xirena isn’t having it. Kai must prove to Xirena that his attraction is something more. When he does, Xirena opens to him. Softens around the edges.

Problem is, Kai’s ex-girlfriends are none too happy about this. They won’t allow anyone, especially an outcast, to have the boy they want and will stop at nothing to ruin Xirena. But Xirena stands her ground even if it means wrecking her one and only chance of escaping these backwoods forever.

“The story reads almost like a poem with the curt and pensive sentences. Like the weather, these words expressed both the sensitivity and brutality of humans against the backdrop of lovely China.”
Sandra Book Club

Ultimately a triumphant, heartwarming story, Love’s Prey is a great book for fan’s of Katie McGarry’s angsty teen romances.” – Ramblings On Readings

If you’re looking for an original and realistic romance with a feminist heart, you won’t do any better than this unique and touching novel.” Randal K. Jackson, award-winning science writer and author

“Kai is also complex—he doesn’t always take the right actions for Xirena to trust him, especially in regard to the deputy mayor’s beautiful daughter, but he’s still patient and appealing . . . I would recommend “Love’s Prey” to readers who enjoy stories of first love, romance in general, YA fiction, and romance set in other cultures.”E Lucas, Amazon top reviewer

“The writing was easy and the concept of true love really great. You sure would want to give this book a try.” – The Book Addict


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