Unleash the magic in FIRE & FANTASY: A Fantasy and Urban Fantasy Collection.

Mystical Lands. Epic Adventure. Enchanting Characters.

FIRE & FANTASY will have your imagination soaring as you charge headfirst into this enchanting collection of 20+ brand new and existing fantasy reads packed with daring quests, bewitching legends, and dark magic!

Embark on sweeping adventures alongside fiery dragons, mystical mermaids, enchanted faeries, warring witches, demons, elves, and sword-wielding heroes as they face forces of evil and fight for the fate of their worlds!

With over a million words of original Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, and Sword and Sorcery Fantasy from more than twenty bestselling and award winning authors, prepare to lose yourself in the high-stakes fates of lovers, heroes, and villains.

UNLEASH THE MAGIC IN FIRE & FANTASY and enter the worlds of the most creative fantasy authors when you PreOrder Today!

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Stay tuned! More to come!

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The Empress of Mysth 6: Angel’s will be released on September 9th.

Dear readers and friends,

Seth will return on Sept 9th. Thank you for following him and Rose all along. He appreciates it.

~ Meg



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Today’s the day – The Red Queen lives!

I’m pleased to announce that The Red Queen, the third book of Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry series is now available on Amazon.

As always, thanks for reading.

the Red Queen

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The release date for The Red Queen is near!

Coming November 2015!

The Red Queen, the third installment of the Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry, #3,


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the Red Queen

Some love dies.
Some never does.

After Forbidden Glory brings Lucienne back from death’s door, she wanders between sanity and insanity. And instead of killing each other, Ashburn and Prince Vladimir must put their differences aside to save her. But one of them has to make a sacrifice.

As the nation of Sphinxes is born, the Sealers rise again. When their multinational army arrives at Sphinxes’ door with an ancient weapon that instantly sets Sphinxes ablaze, Lucienne summons Forbidden Glory one last time to protect her people from extinction

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Nexus Tear takes #6 spot on “Top books in new romance novels released on Dec 10th, 2014”


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The exciting release date for Nexus Tear is today!

New release Science fiction romance – Nexus Tear (Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry, #2)

A nonstop action tale of battle, betrayal, sacrifice and love.

Custom Book Cover Meg Official Ebook

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Book Blast

BOOK BLAST Oct 16th-17th – The Siren (Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry Book 1)  


Thanks Jaidis for hosting Book Blast- The Siren. Thanks Laurie, CCAM, Kristy, Kristin, Susan, Kristina, Datrina, Dowie, Ruth, Erica, Olivia, Patricia, Holligans, Kristy, Deborah, Dani, Pam, Sarit, Hope, Tamara, Serenity, Victoria, Lindy, Cinta, Nely, for guest hosting. You guys rock!

Mythical Books Giveaway – THE SIREN

October 16th:

October 17th:






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