Forbidden. Sworn Enemy. Wicked Seduction.

The most formidable angel comes across the universe and finds her. He will stop at nothing to possess her, even if he must fall.

The High Prince offers his future sister-in-law an indecent proposal: sleep with him once and he’ll keep her safe. Rose will turn his urge against him and destroy the angels’ house. While unbridled lust burns the prince, it also torments her.

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“That’s how you thank me?” I asked incredulously before releasing her.

“Thank you?” she asked. “After you showed me such disrespect by sticking your hardness against me?”

I stared down at her. “Like I had a choice?”

“You sick bastard! How could you even get aroused from their fornication?”

I frowned at the accusation, then a realization dawned on me. She despised angels to no boundaries, but did she think I was better than any of them on her subconscious level?

“I didn’t get a hard on from that,” I gritted. “Who do you think I am?” I didn’t owe her an explanation. I wasn’t accustomed to explaining myself, not even to my lord father, but her attributing my erection to my brother’s sexual intercourse with his mistress was the worst insult.

Over her still outraged look, I informed her through my clenched teeth, “I’ve had this erection since you first came to Atlantis. That’s why I went to sniff you to make sure it was you. You’re the first female who has awakened me from my sexual hibernation.”

“What? Why?” she asked, then she cried, “I don’t want to awaken you! Please go back to your sexu—your hibernation.”

“If only I could counter your spell.” I glared at her. “You think I want this? To have my cock springing hard as long as you’re around and whenever you’re around? It’s not like I can ever get a relief from you!”

Her lips parted, but she was lost for words. I believed no male from her race had dared talk to her so bluntly and crudely. She blushed deeply.

It was surprising and endearing to know that the Princess of Mysth was shy. No angel female was ever shy. The pink flying to her soft cheeks made her so appealing that the alpha male in me roared in response.

My cock swayed inside my trousers, wanting to pound between her thighs. Would it always be like this at her presence? Would I ever get a break?

The princess became more indignant, probably hating her own blushing.

“Of course you won’t get anything out of me!” she said. “To avoid further embarrassing me, you must stay away from me from now on.”

“Out of the question,” I said. “I won’t keep my distance. You’re my charge.”

“Then you need to find another female with whom to blow off steam before you ever come near me again.”

I laughed drily and viciously. “Unfortunately for us both, that is not an option: my cock wants only you. Haven’t you instructed your maids to flaunt their breasts in front of me to stall me? They failed!”

She stared harder at me. Suddenly aware of her body, she crossed her arms before her chest to cover more skin, which only brought my gaze back to her breasts.

They looked beyond enticing.

What did her nipples taste like? I could only know by suckling them.

I licked my lips.

She snapped her fingers before my face, which was very un-princess-like, to draw my attention back above her neck.

“How hard can it be?” she said. “Just remember what turned you off and sent you to your hibernation millennia ago, and you copy and repeat the process until it gets done.”

“That is the lousiest advice anyone has ever offered me.” I laughed coldly. “You did something to me. I’m still trying to figure out how to counter it.” A realization hit me. “It could be the soap you use. So I strongly suggest you never to use it again if you don’t want to see me erect.”

She blushed again. “My soap? That’s why you asked me earlier what kind of soap I use?”

“That was my intention,” I said. “Just restrain yourself from using it. Get another brand.”

“Fine, I’ll change to a different brand and will use scentless soap from now on, Your Highness. But for your information, my ladies-in-waiting use the same soap.”

“So it’s not the soap?” I asked in dismay, then narrowed my eyes on her in suspicion. “You need to come clean for both our sakes. You didn’t put a malevolent spell on me?”

“If I knew how to cast a malevolent spell, your kind would have all fled from my planet,” she said, not bothering to disguise her hatred for my race. “And I thought you were the one who cursed me since I—” She stopped.

“If I knew how to cast a spell,” I growled, “I’d have done a counter-spell ready for yours when I first saw you.” Then what she’d said cracked open a space and let the light leak in.

Was this unnatural attraction mutual? She did react differently toward me than toward other angels. With others, even with my brother, she was all disguise. With me, though she was all teeth and claws, she was straight and raw.

“Wait, you thought I put the spell on you?” I asked. “What do you mean by that?”

“It means you’ll stay away from me.” She stared at me with one last indignant look. “Now I need to get back to my own engagement party. The king must have returned after his afternoon sex snack.”


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