The Dragonian’s Witch

Dragonians-Witch AMAZON

He abducts me to find his fated mate, unaware that I am she.

I am Freyja, the First Witch. I was born with a cruel curse: anyone I touch with my bare skin will die an agonizing death. That is, until a formidable, drop-dead gorgeous Dragonian prince invades my forest home.

The prince’s lust burns hot and bright for me, yet he resists, wanting his destined witch more. The oracle promises the witch will be his true queen and bring him the greatest kingdom on Earth. Knowing he’s the only man who can touch me, I crave his scorching caress. But I’ve sworn never to reveal that I am the witch. Not until he chooses me above her.

When the mating frenzy drives both of us to the brink of insanity, someone has to give, but it won’t be me.

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What did readers say about The Dragonian’s Witch?

 “If you’re a fan of epic fantasies full of sexual tension, lust, adventure, and struggle, read The Dragonian’s Witch, you will not be disappointed.!” – Amazon Review ★★★★★

“A mesmerizing concoction of fantasy, sci-fi, magic and drama, unique and breathtaking if you let yourself be pulled in.” – Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“This book is absolutely a page-turner that’s full of a roller-coaster of emotions, drama, laughter, and seduction.” – Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★



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