Claim the Wolf King, a prequel to The Wicked Witch

ClaimIt’s a one in a million chance that the sexy-as-sin and savage wolf king finds his fated mate—me, the curvy warrior—on the most hostile alien planet. But you can’t call him one lucky bastard.

I can’t be his—I’ve sworn to another. And I haven’t the time for mating when I have to lead a gang of the worst criminals to fight off the vampire hordes, cannibals, and Akem’s creatures of nightmare to find the veiled portal to go home.

The ruthless, red-blooded wolf king isn’t one to listen to reason. And he has no intention of preserving my virtue and honor. He wants to mate with me more than his life is worth, and keep me as his forever. Nothing and no one can stop him on his way to claim me.

Publisher’s Note: Claim the Wolf King is a standalone paranormal romance, also a prequel to The Wickedest Witch series. HFN guaranteed. This book contains explicit love scenes, naughty language, the hottest, dominating shifters, and the wicked witch’s darkest secrets.


small-ebook Wicked WitchShe fucks me hard and forgets me the next morning.

I can’t forget our hot, sweaty nights together. I’m sure the Wickedest Witch has hexed me, making me lust only for her. How dare she use me and discard me like that!

And just as I’m about to punish her, I uncover the truth— she is my fated mate. I’ve crossed light years and crashed onto this savage planet for her, but she can’t remember a damn thing about me. I’ll do anything and kill anyone to cure her amnesia so she can remember how our passion for each other burns hotter than the stars.

I’m Archangel Gabriel. And I won’t let my mate, the only female matters to me, be doomed.



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